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Drayton Park School Governors

Drayton Park currently has 13 governors. Seven are co-opted community governors, one is appointed by the local authority, three are elected by parents as governors, one is elected by staff and finally, the governing body also includes the executive headteacher.

The role of the Governors is to
  • Set the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
  • Hold the executive headteacher to account for the educational performance of pupils and the performance of staff
  • Oversee the school’s financial performance and ensure its money is well spent

Each Governor has committed to adhere to the Governors' code of conduct and a copy of this can be found lower down this page.


The full governing body meets once every term but most of its work is devolved to three committees Joint Resources committee, Curriculum & Achievement and Children, Families & Community.  These usually meet twice a term.  In addition, individual governors take on specific responsibility as “link governors” for areas of the curriculum and aspects of the school’s life.  Details of Governors’ committee membership and link governor responsibilities are given in their individual profiles below.

Our vision for Drayton Park is that the school should be a happy, vibrant and creative school that encourages positive attitudes to learning and where staff, pupils and the wider community come together to provide the highest standards of education. The school pursues this vision through the "Drayton Park Way", which promotes the values of Resilience, Independence, Effort, Ambition and Team-work.

John Gilbert – Co-opted Governor (Chair of Governors)

Initially a LA Governor (since February 2012); Chair of Governors since June 2014.

Retired solicitor working as a legal consultant; formerly a local councillor in Highbury East.

Have five children (all, sadly, well past primary school age).

Committee membership: Joint Resources Committee, Curriculum and Achievement and Children, Families & Community Committees.



Eleanor Young - Co-opted Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)

Initially a Parent Governor from Autumn 2011; Co-opted Governor since October 2014, Vice Chair of governing board.
Director of regeneration and development consultancy, Blackstock Partnership.
Has two children at Highbury Grove School.  
Committee membership: Chair of Curriculum and Achievement Committee and sits on Children, Families and Community Committee.



Nikki Ralph – Local Authority Governor

LA Governor since June 2011.

I work in the council’s Strategy and Change Team, having previously spent 12 years in Islington Children’s Services.

 have always been very passionate about children’s education. I volunteer as a governor to support Drayton Park in its amazing efforts to provide the very best education for every pupil and to enable every child to have opportunities to learn, develop and realise their potential.

Have two daughters, my eldest started school in September 2014.

                            Committee membership: Chair of Children, Families & Community Committee.


Andrew Myer - Co-opted Governor

Initially a Parent Governor from 2006, then a Community Governor from 2010 and now a Co-opted Governor since 2014;
Have one daughter, who got a great start at Drayton Park, thrived at St Mary Magdalene's, and is currently at university.
Formerly an architect but now work in energy and environmental management
Became a governor because I wanted to help the school - not just as a parent but because I Iive locally and a good school is a vital part of the local neighbourhood. I stayed on after our daughter left to help get the Community Art Building built and now enjoy seeing and hearing about all the different things that happen there.
                          Committee membership: Children, Families & Community committee
                          Link governor for Sustainability/Sustainable Schools .



Sujeet Wadke - Parent Governor

Parent Governor since January 2016 and sit on the Joint Resources and Curriculum and Achievement Committee.

Have one child at Drayton Park.

I currently work for a transport organisation in London, managing a team that delivers and supports IT Infrastructure used for the running of London's public transport system.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and an IT Manager by profession. Became a governor to use my knowledge and skills in the STEM areas and play my part in the local community. I am also proficient in three Indian                              languages - Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati which I can use to help the community overcome any language barriers.


Stephen Foulger- Parent Governor

Parent Governor since May 2019

I work as consultant developing museums and exhibition projects that aim to achieve both cognitive learning and positive social outcomes. I have a strong background in science and technology but have also worked with many artists, designers, writers and curators. I have developed projects in China, Italy and the Gulf states, accommodating and incorporating local and national content and cultures into exhibitions communicating ideas of universal relevance. I put myself forward as a governor as I felt that my broad cultural experience and knowledge of informal and hands-on learning would complement the skills and knowledge within the school. And because I have a son at Drayton Park.


Damien Parrott - Executive Head Teacher

Head teacher since September 2012. Executive Headteacher of Drayton Park Primary School and Montem Primary School since September 2017. Sit on the Joint Resources Committee.




Annabelle Kapoor- Co-opted Governor

Co-opted Governor since November 2017

Head of School since 2017 and previously Deputy Headteacher. Formerly a class teacher at Drayton Park for several years, teaching a range of age groups, before taking on management and leadership positions. Sit on the Curriculum and Achievement committee and Children, Families and Community committee


2 co-opted Governor vacacncies


Lily Gupta- Parent Governor

Parent Governor since October 2018


Geir Freysson- Parent Governor

Parent governor since October 2018

Director at data analysis company Datasmoothie, which I co-founded in 2015.

I have one daughter that goes to Drayton Park, and a boy who will join soon. I'm originally from Iceland but my wife (also Icelandic) and I have lived in London for more than ten years. I have also been chair of the board of trustees for Highbury Community Nursery since 2016.

Emma MacIntosh- Staff Governor

Staff Governor since June 2018

Currently the Neptune (year 5) Class teacher, but I have worked in years 1,2,3 and 4 through Drayton Park. I trained to be a teacher at Drayton Park and stayed on as a class teacher and have been here since then.



Contacting the governors

If you are interested in becoming a governor or wish to learn more about the Governing Body please do not hesitate to contact the office.


Queries about the management of Drayton Park Primary School and the progress of any individual child should be directed in the first instance to the school itself.

The Chair of Governors John Gilbert, or other governors will be happy to answer any more general questions, particularly in relation to the role of the governing body. Letters directed to us should be sent to the school for our attention or email us at


Committee Structure





Children, Families & Community Committee



John Gilbert


Annabelle Kapoor


Lily Gupta


Andrew Myer


Nikki Ralph (Chair)


Helen Roberts


Eleanor Young




Curriculum & Achievement Committee



John Gilbert


Annabelle Kapoor


Nikki Ralph


Sujeet Wadke


Eleanor Young (Chair)

Emma MacIntosh

Geir Freysson





Drayton Park/Montem Steering Group



John Gilbert (Chair)


Damien Parrott


Eleanor Young





Joint Resources Committee



John Gilbert


Andrew Myer


Damien Parrott


Helen Roberts


Sujeet Wadke


+ 4 Governors from Montem Primary School


Being a governor at Drayton Park: If you are interested in finding out more about what it is like being a governor and what the role involves take a look at this information document.

Drayton Park Governors Code of Conduct

School Policies Associated with Governance

Drayton Park Governors Register of Business Interests and committee attendance