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Our School and Coronavirus

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to all members of our community who have been adversely affected during the Coronavirus pandemic. Staff and families have suffered bereavement, physical deprivation and mental distress. However, we have also pulled together as the remarkable community we are to support, care and work for each other. Staff, parents, children and local volunteers have all helped. We know so many stories of individual grit and commitment. We are very grateful. Thank you.


A United Response to Lockdown
At Drayton Park we’re really proud of the way we handled lockdown. We worked closely with our partner school, Montem, to ensure our response was as robust as it could be. This meant we were able to:

  • Maintain high-quality, caring provision for a significant number of critical worker and vulnerable children, throughout term time and the school holidays. We ended up taking on children from a third school, Pakeman Primary, who needed our support. We called ourselves the ‘Edventure School’ and we were all based at Montem.
  • Provide all families with a full schedule of home learning, from the moment we went into lockdown, to its end. We focused on providing printed packs for children, so that all could access the learning, even if they could not access the internet.
  • Gradually develop our online learning presence alongside the weekly work packs. We did this once we’d got devices and internet connection into the homes of those who needed it.
  • Contact all families on a daily basis, through our school app. We set up a daily registration system. If we didn’t hear from families, we called them.
  • Ensure at least one phone call a week for all parents and children, about their wellbeing and about their learning.
  • Provide ongoing welfare support to many of our families, not least by distributing food hampers and vouchers to them.
  • Paint lots of Drayton Park (thanks to the magnificent, single handed efforts of our wonderful Premises Manager Gary Atkinson).


Throughout this time there was no spread of coronavirus at our schools. To get a sense of what Edventure School was like, hear from our children:

Voices of Edventure School

In the spring of 2020, as coronavirus began to spread in the UK and schools were forced to close their doors to most students, many of them still remained op...

From early June we reopened Drayton Park. We gradually increased the numbers of pupils at school, so that by the final weeks of term we were open to pupils from all year groups, with almost half our children and almost all our staff back.


Re-opening in September
We are now fully open to all pupils. Details of how we are running and the measures we have in place to make school safe are available in the letter below.