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Damien Parrott - HeadteacherWelcome to Drayton Park Primary School!


We are a vibrant community school, in the heart of Highbury and Islington. Our families come from a very broad range of backgrounds and we pride ourselves on our shared commitment to each other and our school. We care deeply about nurturing our children as individuals, ensuring all can be happy and thrive as learners and friends. At Drayton Park we are all about learning, community and creativity.

Three key priorities drive us. The first is to ensure the highest quality teaching and learning experience for all our pupils. Our teachers work collaboratively throughout the year to develop their practice and to innovate in the classroom. We place a high focus on helping children learn how to learn and become resilient, independent thinkers.




Secondly, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. Our community is fantastically diverse. We aim to help children develop strong personal identities, as well as empathy and respect for others. It is our shared commitment to understanding and supporting each other that brings us together. Inclusivity is also about the expectations of we have of pupils. We believe very strongly that children's ability is not a set thing. We respond to pupils' current capabilities in innovative ways. We give children choice in their learning,  enabling us to provide personal feedback and support. We also challenge children's expectations of themselves. Where children have limited ambitions, or a limited sense of their abilities, we intend to open them up to possibility and potential. We have high expectations of everyone at Drayton Park. Crucially, we teach children to have high expectations of themselves.

Thirdly, we place real value on our partnerships with parents. For us, working with children means working with their family. We seek parents' views to help us inform and develop the quality of our teaching and we make our professional expertise available to parents as openly as possible. We have an active PTA and robust governing body that enrich our school enormously. We employ specialist Bangladeshi, Somali and Turkish members of staff to ensure that as many members of our community can be as informed and included as possible.

Our curriculum is rich and creative, including specialist teaching in art, dance and drama, Spanish and PE. We run an exciting programme of clubs, ranging from ice-skating, to woodcraft, history, sewing and cooking. Three years ago we built a separate art and community building, from which we run a broad range of family learning events, including a 'stay and play' facility. I am immensely proud of the fact that funding for the building was raised by our own children and parents, led by the PTA. Last year, we built a very exciting new play structure in our main playground, that sits alongside our famous lifeboat.


We know that your child's years in Primary school and your relationship with us as parents are immensely important. In many ways, this will be the most formative time in your child's life. We will be working with you to help your child grow from nursery age, through to the verge of secondary school. We consider that responsibility to be a huge privilege. At Drayton Park your child will learn, get creative, make friends, have fun and be happy. You will see their world expand enormously.


We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website. Please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.

Thank you for visiting!

Damien Parrott
Head Teacher

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