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What Learning is Like in EYFS and Year 1

In our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes, our staff carefully and creatively set up the rooms to provide high quality learning experiences that continually cover all aspects of the curriculum and meet our pupils' developing interests. For most of the day, children can free-flow between their classes and our large outside area, which we also set up every day to reflect the full curriculum. Children have a lot of independence in the choices they make about their learning. Much of what they do is play-based, as play is the natural way to learn. The benefits of play include:

  • Social and Emotional Development: Play involves learning about collaborating, compromising, communicating, competing well, resolving disputes and caring for friends. It is a key way in which children develop self-regulation and social skills.
  • Well-being: Great play is enormously absorbing and fun.
  • Learning: Play is a laboratory of life, in which children practice and explore the wider world. They embed learning, develop understanding and discover personal interests, talents and identities.
  • Creativity: Play is an intrinsically creative activity, which stretches learners’ imaginations. 
  • Rights: Play is a right under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Our skilled staff actively engage with our children's play throughout the day, seeking opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in personalised ways. It is the combination of a highly engaging, creative and provoking environment, alongside well-timed and interventions from staff, that grow pupils' understanding, challenge their thinking and inform our strong outcomes across the curriculum. You can find out much more about play-based learning here.


As children develop through our Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes, we gradually introduce more whole-class teaching and teacher-led, group activities, to ensure pupils master the full curriculum. Key to our EYFS and Year 1 practice is the ongoing relationship we foster with parents. We seek to actively engage you in your child's learning - find out more about how we do it here


We are very proud of our Early Years and Year 1 provision. See it for yourself in our Early Years Gallery. This is the link to find out more about how you can apply for a place.