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Our Performance

We are very proud of our pupils' recent achievements at Drayton Park. From a huge improvement in our Ofsted rating in 2016, we are now seeing sustained outcomes for pupils that are well above National averages. We are managing to effectively improve the outcomes of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, whilst also ensuring that in almost all areas, more pupils than average attain at the highest levels.


Schools' performance can be judged in many ways. At Drayton Park we engage in a rigorous self-assessment process, looking at all aspects of our work. The most recent Ofsted report about our school is available below. A key indicator of our performance is how well our pupils achieve academically. In particular, we judge pupils' outcomes in reading, writing and maths and compare our results to those of other schools.

Across the country children take national tests, commonly called SATs, at the end of Year 2 and Year 6. They also take a phonics test at the end of Year 1. The government publish our results and compare them to national averages on the Department for Education website. Please view the page for Drayton Park here.

We have produced information on our 2020 results below. These are not verified. Due to lockdown, pupils did not sit the normal SATs tests. However, we do have a clear idea about how well our children were performing when we went into lockdown. We have ensured this data has been externally scutinised for accuracy. We want our parents and above all our children to know how well they would have done.


You can also see our 2019 results below. We use this information to think about children's 'attainment', meaning how well they have performed, as well as their 'progress', or the amount they have improved. You may also be interested in how we spend our 'Pupil Premium' funding. This is money allocated to enable us to help vulnerable pupils, particularly those who are looked after or entitled to free school meals. To see how we spent our pupil premium last year, and the impact it had, please visit the Pupil Premium page within the Key Information section.


Our last full (Section 5) Ofsted inspection took place in May, 2016. We were delighted with the result. It represented a significant improvement on our previous report and a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our staff. The report also recognised the role our pupils have played in improving our school. They are the most important people at Drayton Park. They deserve huge congratulations for their pride and commitment to their school.


Ofsted revisited us in November 2019. This time they ran a 'Section 8' inspection. It was a visit to verify that our previous inspection results still hold true. Ofsted concluded that they do. Their report is written as a letter to parents. It is overwhelmingly positive about our school. All areas for improvement in our 2016 report have been effectively resolved. Our two new areas for improvement are about embedding existing good practice. We are proud of the success we have had in continuing to improve Drayton Park. We succeed because our pupils are central to all we do: "Pupils speak with pride about their school and their part in helping it to improve." - Ofsted, 2016.