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Our partner school in federation, Montem

Since September 2017, we have been in federation with another local school, Montem Primary. There are different types of federation and currently we are in a 'soft-governance' one. This means that each school has its own Governing Board, but much of the work they do is shared.


At a school level, our previous Headteacher, Damien Parrott, is now Executive Head across both schools and our previous Deputy, Annabelle Kapoor is Head of School at Drayton Park, with responsibility for leading the school on a day-to-day basis.


Our partnership is a marriage of equals. Each school is different, but works closely together to support and develop our work. So far the partnership has been invaluable in providing:

  • Opportunity for staff development and promotion.
  • Advice and support over key areas of school improvement - we share best practice.
  • Support with resourcing and finance. We now have a shared Business Manager and are working together to create efficiencies of scale.
  • The development of our shared new curriculum, which is a real evolution on all Drayton Park has stood for and achieved over the years. It creates wonderful opportunity for teachers and pupils to collaborate across the schools, to the benefit of all.


Find out more about Montem here.