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Welcome to

Drayton Park Nursery
and Primary School

Together we learn

Welcome to

Drayton Park Nursery
and Primary School

Together we learn


Week beginning 18th March:

This week the children have shown lots of interest in different types of construction. The children have been exploring Lego, building blocks, Duplo and the large blocks outside. Construction is a fundamental part of the children's learning and development and allows the to explore different ways of piecing things together, stacking and balancing as well as developing the skills to build with a purpose and extend their play. 

The children love our weekly trips to the library and are showing an increasing interest in independently looking at the books. They choose books that they like and look at these individually as well as with their friends. The children are starting to describe the illustrations and the letters they know. 



Week beginning 4th March:

This week in stars class we have been so busy exploring outside and working on our physical development. We have been discussing how we can jump safely and improve the different ways we jump.

We enjoyed celebrating pancake day together and we got to make pancakes and eat them :). The children spoke about what different foods we have at home as well as what our dream pancake topping will be. 

In EYFS we mow have baby chicks that we are going to look after and watch what happens after they hatch. It is very exciting and we get to observe them daily. 


We have more exciting things to happen this week as tomorrow is world book day and Friday is international women's day. Check Parentmail for more information. 



Week beginning 14th January:

It has been so lovely having Nursery back in this week and the children have settled back in really well. We have had 10 new friends join our Nursery class who are already having lots of fun and making new friends.

Our new topic this term is Magic and mystery and already the children are engaging in our new core books, costumes and props. The children have had fun exploring the new resources in the classroom and talking about what is new.

The children have enjoyed playing with the Lego and creating lots of amazing constructions and discussing these with the adults.

The children have been very creative when playing outside and followed their interests of playing with cars. They made ramps for the cars to go down and watch how fast and far they went.

If you would like to know more about our topic this term please speak to a member of the Nursery team.

Week beginning the 19th November:

This week in starts class we have been very productive. We spent lots of time engaged in playdough and seeing what different types of cakes and ice creams we could create.

The children baked shortbread cookies on Monday which were very yummy. We spoke about what ingredients we could use and how we measured the out.

The children have been playing outside lots this week and particularly enjoyed the obstacle course we set up for them, encouraging them to take risks and moving in a range of ways.

Soft play trip 16th November:

Thank you to all of the parents that came and helped us on the soft play trip it was a great success. All of the children (and grown ups) had such a lovely time.

The children got to run around and explore and it has inspired lots of talk in class about their experience on the trip.

We look forward to many more trips in nursery.

Week beginning 15th October:

This week in starts class we have been extremely busy! We have been engaging in lots of creative and messy play outside, making the most of the rain by colour mixing on the floor.

In stars class we all enjoy doing lots of construction and building and this week the children have spent lots of time creating unique train tracks and adding pretend people and cars to it.

We have started speaking to the children about Halloween and what different costumes we see at this time of the year. This conversation has inspired the children to participate in lots of dressing up and even use material to become a group ghost.


Week beginning 8th October:

This week in stars class we have been celebrating Inclusions week. This children have had a great time sharing experiences and talking about lots of ways that people can be different including, different foods eaten, different clothes worn and so much more.

We got to try on a variety of clothes and talk about what they looked like and how they felt.

Thank you to all of the parents that brought us in a dish to try on Thursday. The children really enjoyed this and it encouraged them to try things they would not normally eat.

We also spent lots of time looking at a range of different stories about cultures and families.

Week beginning 1st October:

This week the children were very excited to explore our cinnamon scented play dough. The children created lots of discussions around what this smell reminded them of, what it might taste like and what it feels like as well as listening to the ideas of others.

We have introduced the children to using the computer this week and we are spending lots of time focusing on how to use the mouse.

Fine motor skills is a very important skill for the children to develop and some great activities to encourage this are through the use of scissors and tweezers. The children enjoyed using the tweezers to pick up beans the beans from the bowl and put them onto the grass.


Week beginning 17th September:

It has been lovely having all of the children back in Nursery this week. They have all settled really well and we are spending lots of time getting to know them all. Thank you to all of the parents for bringing your children in on time and the their school uniform :)


The children have all been very creative this week and becoming familiar in their environment. We have had lots of fun playing with playdough, threading beads, scooping and digging in the sand tray as well as lots and lots of playing outside.


We have spent lots of time familiarising the children with the classroom routines and ensuring they know where to find everything they need in the classroom. Why not ask your child to sing you our transition song?



Week beginning 18th June:

Firstly I would like to say a huge well done to all of the Nursery children who take part in the assembly they all did such a fantastic job, and thank you to all of the parents, friends and family who came to watch. We had a good turn out at the cake sale too and we sold all of our cakes which means we can buy some lovely things for our classroom which we are very excited about.

The children have been really enjoying our topic 'people who help us' They have been very imaginative and taking on lots of roles in their play for example Doctors, Police man and shop keepers.

We have been going on trips to the shop this week too and writing shopping lists and counting out the correct money we needed.

In phonics we have recently learnt the new sounds C, U and B. What words can you and your children find starting with these sounds?

We went to the library on Monday which is always a great success. The children love looking at the books and I hope they enjoy reading the book they get to take home too.


Week beginning 11th June:

We have had a lovely week this week being very creative. We have been using lots of boxes and tape to create lots of junk modelling. We are getting great at ripping masking tape and scissors to cut selotape.

The children are getting very confident when playing outside and moving in a variety of ways like crawling, shuffling and jumping.

The children have been learning the new sounds K and U this week, why not practice with us at home and see what words we can find starting with those sounds.

We are currently focussing on the topic 'people who help us' and we are lucky enough to have had a parent who is a post woman come in and talk to us. This has inspired the children to write lots of letters and put them in envelopes to post.

Week beginning 21st May:

It has been a lovely week this week as we have spent lots of time playing outside and observing changes in our environment. We  have been talking about the weather, leaves, minibeasts and much more.

Whilst being outside we have also been exploring different ways of moving and jumping which helps us to improve our physical development and confidence.

We said goodbye to our lovely butterflies this week too. some of the children confidently help the butterflies and helped to find them a new home. We spoke about the life cycle of the butterfly and where they might go after we set them free. It was a lovely experience!

We have learnt the new sounds G and O this week. why not see what words you can find starting with these sounds.

The children will bring home some activities for you to do over the half term which I hope will be fun. Mostly I want the children to have a rest, do lots of playing and reading too. We will see you all after the half term nice and rested.

Week beginning 14th May:

This week we have watched the caterpillars make and go inside their cocoons. This has provoked lots of talk about what they turn in to and what might happen inside a cocoon.

We were lucky enough to go on a farm trip this week and despite the weather not being sunny for us we all had a great time. we listened about what animals need to stay healthy, we stroked lots of animals and we enjoyed our picnic in the park.

At the end of the tour of the farm we got to make our own candle and take it home. I hope you enjoy having these in your homes. Thank you all who attended the trip and helped it to run as smoothly as it did, its greatly appreciated.

We have been continuing to learn our new sounds in nursery and this week we have learnt the sound p and g, why not see what words you can find with those sounds.

The children have been looking further into what shapes we can see in our environment, we found triangles, squares, ovals, rectangles and circles. what shapes can you find in your house?


We will be going to the library next Monday so please ensure all books are back in and if you would like to come with us on the visit please ask a member of the nursery team.

Week beginning 7th May:

This week in nursery we have been doing lots of exploring! We have been exploring what ingredients wee need to make play dough and what it looks like if you use to much or not enough of one ingredient.

We have also had an investigation station to use microscopes to look at caterpillars and butterflies as well as the x-rays for different types of insects. This has prompted us to use lots of scientific language examine things very closely looking for patterns.

We love to be outside in nursery and this week we have been looking closely at all of our new flowers that are growing and smelling all of their sweet smells.

We have been doing lots of digging in the mud kitchen to see what creepy crawlies we could find. as well as different types of stones.

Week beginning 30th April:

This week in nursery we were lucky enough to go on a tour of the Arsenal stadium! We all had such a good time despite the rain and had a great morning out. Thank you to all of the volunteers who came with us to help. The children really enjoyed seeing a new environment and being supportive off the tea in our local area.

We also had two new additions to our class this week. We have had a large dinosaur egg and some new caterpillars. we are all looking forward to seeing what happens with them over the next few weeks.

Week beginning 23rd April:

We have been looking very closely at Minibeasts! We have enjoyed looking at the different patterns on their bodies. We then drew our own and then painting our Minibeasts, come and look at our hall display to see some of our work. We used water colours to add lots of detail and colour and to really bring our pictures to life.

We have been doing lots of counting this week including how many spots on a lady bird, how many wings and how many legs, we will continue with this next week.

We have lots of books in nursery all about different Minibeasts which has inspired us to do more reading in class. We have enjoyed independently looking at books and discussing what we have seen with our friends.

The best part has been looking for real Minibeasts outside! We will be continuing with this topic next week, why not see what Minibeasts you can find.


Week beginning 16th April:

This week in stars class we have been spending lots of time outside. We have been observing the plants that have grown over the holidays and discussing how they have changed over time.

We have been exploring the new areas set up outside including the new home area, creative area and maths area. These have all been very popular and encourages the children to explore new areas of the provision.

We have started our Minibeast topic and have started to be more aware of insects in our local environment. Being outdoors has allowed us to be physically active and explore different ways of moving. In nursery we love being outdoors just as much as we do indoors - no matter the weather :) Being outdoors in the sun has enabled us to talk about ways to stay safe including using sun cream and keeping hydrated.

Week beggining 26th March:

This week in stars class we have been very busy! We have made playdough together, focusing on the recipe and ingredients needed to make it. we have been exploring different things we can make with playdough and how we can do this. we used cupcake cases and sprinkles and pretended to make cakes for different celebrations.

We have been doing lots of mark making this week focusing on letter formation. In nursery we are showing lots of interest and name writing, why not keep practising at home over the Easter holidays. The children have enjoyed copying their names from name cards and writing their names on their work.

We have had lots of fine motor activities set up this week linked to new life and eggs. The children have been using tweezers to transfer eggs from the basket to egg cartons as well as searching for eggs in the class. 

We wish you a happy Easter and we hope you enjoy your break. 


Week beginning 19th March:

This week in stars class we were making biscuits. we worked together to measure out ingredients and then mix them to create our biscuits mixture. we spoke about texture and smells before rolling them out and using a biscuit cutter. we took it in turns to go to the community room and out them in the oven before getting to taste our yummy baking.

We had a great time at our crafternoon this week, Thank you to all of you who could attend! We made grass heads to take home and then we made cheerio bird feeders and hung them up in the playground. we have enjoyed checking daily to see if the birds have been eating them. why not try making one at home all you need is:

-String/pipe cleaner



-Bird seed

You thread the cheerio's on to the string and then tie them to make loops. squeeze honey on the cheerio's and then dip in bird seed before rolling in the bird seed. Ask a member of nursery staff if you would like more information.

Week beginning 12th March:

This week in stars class we had a special visit from Dogs trust. We all listened to things a Dog would need to be happy and healthy and how we can look after them. We all good to have a turn at giving the dog (Tigger)  stroke and some of us gave him a treat.

We spent some time together in a group making playdough and then used felt tips to do lots of mark making. We created different types of food and animals using our playdough.

Week beginning 5th March:

This week in nursery we have spent lots of time planning and creating different types of constructions. We worked together as teams to build towers, castles and various other buildings. This allowed us to use lots of language about height, size and balancing.

We have also started doing fortnightly baking in the nursery and this week we made vegan banana muffins. we all had a turn to mix and explore the different ingredients before transferring them to the muffin cases and waiting for them to cook. We all sat together to taste our brilliant creations.

Now the weather has been dry, we have been making frequent trips to the boat and the tree house allowing us to move in a variety of ways and develop confidence when climbing, sliding and moving.

Week beginning 26th February:

This week in stars class we have been exploring different fine motor activities. We have been using pipettes and turkey basters in the water tray to suck up different amounts of water. This has helped us to improve strength in our fingers and hands and help to develop our hand eye coordination. We have also been looking closely at bugs and the type of habitat they might live in, for example grass and soil. We have looked at different types of plastic insects with magnifying glasses and used tweezers to count and collect them into bowls.

We have had lots of snow here and so we have been making the most of it. We have been making snowmen, snowballs, mark making and exploring the texture. We have been wrapped up warm and enjoying lots of different types of play outdoors before coming inside to enjoy a cup of warm milk.

We have been encouraging lots of counting in the nursery and been counting things up to and beyond 20, what things can you count at home?

We have started a new talk for write story this week called Goldilocks and the three bears. Over the next few weeks the children will learn this story of by heart and do lots of size ordering, drawing, talking about the story and much more.

Week beginning 29th January:

This week in stars class we have been focusing on wellbeing week. This has enabled us to tune into to how we can have happy, healthy life. We have been looking at a different positive affirmation everyday , these have included 'I can do it' ' I am unique' 'I am loved' 'I keep my body healthy' and ' I get better everyday'.

As well as these positive messages we have been exploring different ways to focus in on our senses. We have been drawing in response to a variety of music which has promoted lots of mark making in the nursery. we have also gone on listening walks and really tuned in to what we can hear, smell and see. The children have been tasting a variety of colourful foods and thinking about textures and flavours.

This has been a very insightful week and has helped to tune the adults and children into to different ways we can learn and how this can help towards us being happy and healthy.


Week beginning 22nd January:

This week in stars class we have been making lots of ice!! We discussed what we would need to make our ice and what would happen if we put some dinosaurs inside it. We filled different sized containers and put them in the freezer before then discussing how long it might take to freeze. When we got the ice out, we used various tools and techniques to dig the dinosaurs out of the ice. This activity was great for encouraging lots of talk about estimation, predictions and textures as well as creating lots of interest in a different type of sensory play.


We also had crafternoon this week which was all about the importance of junk modelling. we had a great turn out with lots of parents turning up. We made some amazing creations and use bundles of imagination, so thank you to all the could make it. If you would like to know more about the benefits of junk modelling please ask a member of the nursery team.

Week beginning 15th January

This week in stars class we have been exploring the construction blocks and different things that we could build. This has allowed us to look at different shapes and discover which shapes we can balance on top of each other and which ones would fall.

The role play area has been very popular which has allowed us to do lots of cooking and creating. We have created tea parties for our friends and cooked dinner in the oven.

We have been learning the little red riding hood during carpet sessions and we have looked at the different characters in the story. We are having a focus on how we can start a story and what might happen in the beginning and the end.

In nursery we love making play dough, this allows us to create different shapes and explore a variety of tools to manipulate our play dough. play dough needs very few ingredients to make and does not need to be cooked. All it needs is:

2 cups of plain flour

2 TBLS of vegetable oil

half a cup of salt

up to 1 and a half cups of hot water.

Why don't you try and make some at home for your children to play with. Ask nursery staff for more information. :)

Week beginning 11th December:

This week in stars class we have been doing lots of creative writing and posting them in our new post box. We have explored how we post letters by writing them, putting them in envelopes, writing an address and putting them in the post box. This has inspired lots of talk about who we could write letters to and what we could write about. The children would love writing letters at home and even posting them to themselves.

We got a new tea set in nursery this week and talked about all of the different drinks we could make. We used tea bags to put into the teapot and pour tea for our friends. We had lots of opportunities to share with our friends and listen to other children's ideas.

This week was our Christmas lunch! We all sat together and enjoyed a lovely meal cooked by our brilliant chefs. To celebrate our special lunch we made our own place mats and hats.



Week beginning 4th December:

This week in stars class we have been exploring lots of different creative activities. We have been painting different textured objects like tin foil and pine cones and decorating with glitter and other resources. We have been doing lots of fine motor activities to engage us and think carefully.

We have been exploring lots of shapes and their properties including, circles, rectangles, squares and triangles. We have been looking at where we can se these shapes and how we can describe them! What shapes can you find at home?

We have enjoyed making banana smoothies this week!! We identified what ingredients they needed and then they cut up the bananas before putting it in to the blender with the milk. The children enjoyed sitting together to taste the smoothie and talking about the flavour.

Week beginning 27th November:

This week in stars class we have been doing lots of singing and dancing to prepare us for our assembly on Friday. We have loved singing all of our nursery rhymes and re-telling the story Little red hen.

We loved going to the music room on Monday and exploring different sounds that instruments make. We moved in different ways to different styles of music and discovered ways to express ourselves through dance and movement.

In Nursery we love making playdough and exploring all the different shapes we can make with it. We make playdough cupcakes, playdough smoothies and explored playdough numbers.

We have been developing our fine motor skills by using pipettes with paint and dripping it onto our paper.

Outdoor play is very important and helps children to develop their gross motor skills which can be great in preparing children for writing. The children used water and big paint brushes to paint the tepee. climbing, jumping, balancing and running are also what they love to do.


Week beginning 6th Oct:

This week in stars class we have been looking at fireworks and all the different colours and patterns they can make. We have explored creating fireworks by painting, drawing and recreating sounds.


We have been spending time looking at different mini beast in our mud tray. We used tweezers to pick them up and magnifying glasses to look at the details. We counted how many legs the insects have and how they move.


We have been having fun in the rain mixing colours. We used scrubbing brushes to make colourful puddles and explore what colours we could make.

Week beginning 30th October:

In Stars Class this week we have been looking at Halloween and all things spooky! We have had lots of fun dressing up in different Halloween costumes, as well as making scary potions with eyeballs and other surprise ingredients. The children have also enjoyed making their own puppets and looking at the different shadows they make.


The children have shown lots of interest in talking about light and shadows as well as being very creative in their play.