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Pupil Progress Review Meetings (Years 1-6)

Once a term at Drayton Park, we run internal meetings called ‘Pupil Progress Review’ meetings. For these meetings, we devote a day to each class in the school. Teachers and senior managers talk about each child in the class, in terms of their learning, as well as their social and emotional needs. We set targets for each child, adjust support and strategies as needed and write an action plan for the whole class. We will tell you about any pressing decisions we make on the basis of these meetings. Otherwise, we will feed back to you at Parents Evenings later this term.


In order to release teachers from class for PPR meetings, we will split classes for the day. This means that on one day over the next couple of weeks, your child will spend the day in another class. They will do so with a few of their classmates. Their teacher will prepare appropriate work for them. We will ensure they have a day of learning in school. We only ever split classes for PPR meetings, unless there is an extreme circumstance. This should only happen once a term for your child.


We hold PPR meetings for Early Years classes later in the term, and we do not split our youngest pupils across other classes. If you have any questions about PPR meetings, please feel free to speak to Mr. Parrott or Ms. Kapoor.