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Ofsted Update

What a week it has been, with SATS for Year 6, as well as Ofsted. The inspectors have now finished their visit. Although we know the result, Ofsted’s rules are that we are not allowed to publicise it until the report is finalised. This will take up to three weeks. As soon as it is out, we will let you have a copy and see the outcomes.


Ofsted used to send a letter home after inspections to the children in a school. They do not do this anymore. However, the lead inspector asked me to send you all a very big thank you. He was really impressed with your behaviour, enthusiasm, ideas, teamwork skills and attitudes to learning. He thought you were brilliant. We know you are.


Thank you to all parents who completed ParentView as well. We had 68 responses, which the inspectors told us was impressively high for a school of our size. The outcomes compare very favourably to the national averages for responses to ParentView. Many of you said very lovely things about us. Your opinion of us and your commitment to the school is very important to us. Thank you again.


We are in the process of getting your responses to our own parent survey analysed. We hope to publish the results in full straight after half term.