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ECAT for Early Years Parents - help your child thrive

“It may seem an obvious thing to say, but one of the best things we can do with young children

is to have interesting and enjoyable conversations with them”.
Michael Rosen (British Children’s Laureate 2007-2009)


What is ECAT?
ECAT is a national project to develop the communication and language skills of children from birth to five years old. Recent research in the UK has shown that many children are entering schools and nurseries with considerable language delay. This language delay has a detrimental effect on children’s educational success, which can last all the way through their schooling and therefore affect their chances in life.

How you can help your child

  • Have conversations, speaking in your home language
  • Encourage speaking in phrases and sentences
  • Enjoy songs and rhymes together
  • Play games which involve listening for a signal, such as 'Simon Says'
  • Listen to made-up stories
  • Share books together
  • Listen to your child and take account of what they say when you reply
  • Talk to your child about what they have been doing and help them remember and talk about events

Parent workshops

Last year we held a very successful parent workshop to give parents information about the ECAT programme and suggestions how to support children with their language and communication development at home. We hope to repeat this event this year.  If you would be interested in attending, or know someone who would, please let us know.


If you are interested in finding out more, there are lots of links and resources below that you can access from home.  If you have any further questions, please speak to one of the EYFS staff.