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Year 1

Thank you so much to Sofia and her parents for bringing in a volcano they had made at home and sharing learning with Venus Class. We really enjoyed learning about how and why the volcano erupts and loved watching the process!




If you would like to share home learning, something about your job or come in and participate in a cooking, arts and crafts activity or anything else please do just let your class teacher know !





Please encourage your child to read with you at home. Just 10 minutes a day can have a huge impact on your child's phonics development. This can be you reading to your child and then asking them questions about the story, share the reading with your child you read one page they read one page, or let them show off and read you the story. You don't have to finish a whole story in one go, space it out throughout the week or 2 and predict together what you think will happened next!




This week we have been reading the story Pumkin soup. A delightful tale of friendship tested when there  is upset. The cucharacters learn the rewards of compromise and working together. We have been tracing the pictures and creating speech bubbles for the characters.



We have been learning one more and one less this week and what this means. We have played a "I have....who has...." game to encourage mathematical thinking but also develop their language skills.


We have been busy measuring pumpkins, using a tape measure and recording our results using CM.



We have carried out an experiment this week and posed the question "will pumpkin seeds float or sink?" can you ask your child the results of this experiment,




We had our first ICT lesson this week. The children were very excited to go to the computer room. We practiced logging on to the computers using Venus class username and password. It would really help your child if you practise learning what letters look like in lower case and capital form.

Week beginning 15th October.


The Year Ones in Sun class have had a busy and exciting week this week. We have been reading one of our favourite stories - 'We're going on a bear hunt' and having a go at some really fun activities all linked to the story.



We have created story maps for the bear hunt and annotated the settings before retelling the story to our friends. After we drew the settings we had a go at writing some great sentences with adjectives to describe them. Ask me about my sentence including an adjective!



In Maths this week, we have been finding out what it one more and one less of a number up to 20. We have had fun playing one more and one less on a random number generator. We drew out 1-20 number lines which have helped with our counting forwards and backwards, as well as helping us to see what is one more and one less than a number.



We have started to learn some cool bear facts, and when we come back from half term get ready to learn some interesting facts about what bears eat and their hibernation. If you want to get ahead, why not visit the library and take out a book all about bears?


Art and Design:

We have been getting messy this week doing all things bear hunt! The children have created masks for their role play, explored new textures and mediums when creating large bear pictures and painted the different settings from the story. We will be continuing our work around the story when we return from half term, so keep reminding your children of the famous tale!


We hope you have a very restful half term. Be sure to read the book which is being sent home, and return it when we get back. Enjoy your breaks and come back refreshed.



w/b 8/10/18


Sorry for the delay due to absence.


This week in phonics the children have been having a go and fixing sentences that have been written without finger spaces, capital letter and full stops. Can you write sentences for your child and ask them to spot the mistakes that you have made? We have also been learning and recapping Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds.



This week in literacy we have been focusing on inclusion week and engaging in talks about our families, where we live and come from. We have been writing sentences about our families and writing sentences including adjectives about where we live. Can you encourage your child to tell you about where you live using adjectives - you can share adjectives that you may think of with your child to enhance their vocabulary



This week in maths we have been learning about number bonds to 20.

We have been using objects around the classroom, numicon and number cards to create number sentences.

can you ask your child to tell you number bonds to 20




This term in PE we have been learning about our bodies and muscles. we have learnt that we need to keep our bodies strong and use our muscles to help us balance along the benches and the wall apparatus  

WB 1/10/18


This week Sun and Venus class have been investigating different animals including humans and what they eat. We have been classifying them into Herbivores, Omnivores and Carnivores. Ask your child to explain what these words mean to you!




The children are continuing to learn new set sounds. We have been practising writing using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


In Literacy the children have been using non-fiction texts to read about animal diets and record facts.

We have been recording questions about what we would like to find out about animals during this term. Can you use non fiction texts of research from the internet with your child to find the answers to their questions about animals.



In maths we have been learning number bonds to 10. We have used numicon to represent the number bonds and recorded the number sentences in our books. Can you and your children remember the number bonds to 10?




Next week is Inclusion week. We will be having lots of discussions about our families, Where we live, What our local areas look like. If you could bring in some photos of your family that would be fantastic so the children can show their friends and talk about their families.


PE is every Wednesday, please remember to bring in PE kits. They can be left at school for the term.

W/B 24th September


This week Sun and Venus have been exploring Autumn and on Thursday we went to Olden Gardens to have an autumn nature hunt. The children collected autumn leaves and varies parts of nature. We have had some inte4resting discussion about how the seasons change. Please encourage your child to look out for autumn changes and collects any leaves, conkers, berries and interesting twigs! so that they can explore this with you.



In Maths this week we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. recognising their properties and sorting them into groups based on these.



We have been recognising adjectives and using these in our writing.



This week we have started working in groups across Sun and Venus class. The children have been enthusiastic about phonics this week. Please take the time to go through phonics sounds at home and encourage your children to read!