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18th January 2018


This week in phonics we have been continuing to segment and blend our set 1 sounds. The children are progressing with reading, writing and recognising these sounds.


In literacy we have continued to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood, together we have created a story map. Could you make your own story map at home and orally tell the story with the actions the children have learnt.


In maths this week have been learning our numbers up to 20!

can you encourage your child to count up to 20 at home.

11th January 2018


Welcome back!


The children have had a great week back at school.


This week in literacy we have started to use actions to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The children are now starting to use the actions independent through play to retell the story.


This week in phonics we have introduced small group learning. The children are working in their groups to recap Set 1 sounds and read green words. We have introduced Ditties books.The Ditties are short, phonically decodable passages based on the letter sounds learned in Speed Sounds Set 1.


In Maths, this week we have been learning to describe the properties of 2D shapes. We have used the vocabulary:

Sides, Corners, Curved and Straight.

Can you ask your child to show you a shape that has;

3 sides

3 corners

4 corner

4 sides



  Over the holidays!

Some ideas to support your child's learning


Count how many different foods they have on their plate

 How many presents they have under the tree

How many people are in their family

How many visitors come to their home

How many items they are wearing and spotting numbers

Children can spot numbers on the busses, number plates, house numbers

measuring toys using blocks, i.e how many block is my favourite toy? what toy is the longest/shortest?

measuring using their feet or shoe i.e How many shoes long is the carpet?



Encourage your child to write on paper, write in the air, write in water (when washing hand), use their magic finger to write on their hands

Cut out letters from a newspaper or magazine.

Go on an alphabet hunt - this could be in the house or spotting letters in the outdoor environment

Hear and say the sounds (phonemes) in a 3 letter (cvc) spoken word

e.g. m-a-d


W/b 11th December 2017


This week has been a busy week for the children in the lead up to their Christmas show wit KS1!

The children have enjoyed learning the songs and the actions to them. Please encourage your child to share these songs with you at home. Reception will be singing How much further to Bethlehem.  


Literacy this week the children learnt the sounds

x, nk, ng

and completed set 1 sounds! don't let go of all their hard work this term please encourage phonics with your child over the Christmas break.



In maths we have been recapping their learning from the term. please encourage your child to count and recognise numbers in the environment.


We have learnt one more and one less from a given number 1-10.

measuring objects around the classroom and finding which is the longest and shortest object



All the children really enjoyed Crafternoon! Thank you very much to Parents that were able to come and help.

The children made Christmas crowns to wear to Christmas lunch on Thursday which was very yummy and much enjoyed!


The next Crafternoon will be on January 25th 2:30-3:30


Have a lovely holiday, happy new year!


see you in the new year!



4th December 2017


In Reception this week we have been learning our new Christmas song, which we will be singing with KS1 in the Xmas show. The children helped us come up with some brilliant actions to go with it. The children have been doing some great construction work in the outside area. Working together as a team, using their language skills to develop their imagination and sometimes using technical language. ‘I need an extractor! Teacher: What is that? A machine that helps you dig up stuff.’ 



In literacy we have been using the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ to help us form our own class story. We changed the characters, the setting, the problem but tried to keep some of the same story language. ‘Who will help me hang the star?’ Said the little blue crocodile. The children are getting much better at story telling and sharing their ideas. The children have been helping us sound out some of the words in the story. This is something you could do at home. Write a story together with you writing it and your child helping you sound out some of the familiar words. In phonics the children have learnt the sounds  sh, r, j, v, y, w, th, z and ch. They are getting much better at segmenting and blending some of our green words. The children are becoming more confident with sounding out and writing cvc words. At home ask your child to write four different cvc words. Can you help them think of anymore?



In maths we have been learning about numbers 8, 9, 10. The children are getting better at recognising, writing and finding the different amounts. The children have been getting out rulers, cubes, measuring tapes to measure objects in the classroom. Talk to your child about things that we measure at home. We have also been learning about adding 1 more and taking away 1 less to numbers up to 20. The children enjoyed playing a game in the playground where they had to throw an object onto a number and say the number that is 1 more and 1 less. The children enjoyed this counting game and had fun while learning.




20th November 2017


This week we have been working together to practice for our first assembly. The children’s behaviour has been absolutely brilliant during our rehearsals. 



In literacy the children have been  using the story map of ‘The Little Red Hen’ to think of our own class story. The children helped draw the characters and help write some of the initial sounds for words. In phonics we have been

learning the sounds b, f, e, l and h. 



In maths we have been learning about the number 9. Looking at sequencing numbers up to 9, forming numbers, counting objects and really getting to know what number 9 means.

13th November 2017


In Reception we have been learning our nursery rhymes like incy wincy spider, the Grand old Duke of York, days of the week and wind the bobbin up. The children have been enjoying learning a new nursery rhyme everyday.



We have been learning to write captions, write our names, spell familiar cvc words like cat, dog and rat. We have been continuing with reading the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. In phonics we have been learning the sounds g, o, c, k and u. Can you continue to use the homework sheets to practise writing the letters?



In maths we have been learning about the number 8. Finding 8 things in the classroom and counting them out. Counting 8 objects from a larger amount.


6th November 2017 .


In Reception this week we have been looking for mini beasts in the outdoor area. The children have been enjoying looking at mini-beast books and discussing the information. The children have been very proud of themselves and what they have achieved at home, sharing this with teachers and children with the 'wow cards.'



We are continuing to read the story of the 'Little Red Hen' and have been using this to encourage role play, story telling through props and story language. In phonics the children have been learning to say, recognise and write t, i, n p . Please encourage the children to practice these sounds at home, recognise them in the environment and use the 'Read, write Inc' letter formation sheets. Thank you!  



The number of the week is 7!!!smiley (click on the face) The children love joining in with this song, can you listen to it at home?


30th October 2017  

In Reception we have been talking and learning about Halloween and the children's experiences of dressing up. We have been using lots of messy play to let the children feel, smell, explore pumpkins. We are observing how the pumpkins change over time. The children have been enjoying watching it change shape, colour, smell and texture. We have also been looking at the world of mini beasts. The children have been asking questions about lives of mini beasts, comparing them and discussing how they move.



This week we started phonics. The children have learnt m, a, s, d sounds, which they are able to say, recognise and write. We have been using  talk for writing to retell the story of 'the Little Red Hen'.  The children have been joining in with repeated phrases and creating story maps.    



In maths we have been learning to recognise, write and sequence numbers. Our number of the week is 6!   The children have been up to 6 different objects, making 6 with their body, 6 claps, 6 jumps, 6 blinks. Can you ask your child to find 6 objects in your home?