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Our School's Structure

Class Structure:
Drayton Park is a 'one-and-a-half form entry' school, meaning that we have up to forty five children in each year group. We have a phase structure running through the school. There are three classes in each phase. Our nursery and two reception classes form one phase (EYFS), then there is Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6). Our two reception classes have 22 or 23 children in them. From Year 1 upwards, our classes contain a maximum of thirty pupils. In order to accommodate having 45 children in each year group, we run some mixed-age classes from Year 1 upwards. The classes in each phase are divided by age. In KS1, for example, we run a Year 1 class containing the youngest two thirds of our Year 1 pupils; a Year 2 class containing the oldest two thirds of Year 2; and a mixed-age Year 1/2 class, containing our oldest Year 1 children and youngest Year 2s.


There are four class teachers for the three classes in each phase. The fourth teacher is non-class based and works as the Phase Leader. Our Phase Leaders have responsibility for running extra-support programmes in classes and developing the quality of teaching in their team. The teachers in each phase work closely together to plan and evaluate children's learning. As well as class teachers, we employ numerous teaching assistants. These work in a variety of roles, providing support to whole classes or individual children.


One teacher in the school, without class responsibility, is our Inclusion Manager, responsible for special needs. Another is our Learning Mentor, responsible for supporting children with significant emotional and behavioural needs. We employ a play therapist and an art therapist. Specialist teachers come in for Spanish, music, PE and art. We also regularly host student teachers and volunteers. There are almost always at least two adults in each class and often more.

Leadership and Management:
The school is led by the headteacher, Damien Parrott and the management team. Annabelle Kapoor is our Deputy Head and Jo Ince our Inclusion Manager. The team includes the four Phase Leaders. Strategic overview and accountability is provided by our Governing body.

Other teams at the school include our office and premises staff, our extended school staff and our kitchen team. All our meals are cooked on site!

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