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Drayton Park Art Enterprise

We are about to launch an exciting new art initiative called “Drayton Park Art”. It will be based around a new website we are creating. Children will be able to choose to post pieces of art they create in school on the website. You, or anyone else in the community will then be able to buy them.


The money we raise through this initiative will remain with the children. On a regular basis, we will hold school council meetings to discuss what our children want to do with the money they have earnt. They will choose how we spend it.


In order to enable us to begin this process, the PTA have kindly offered us an interest-free start-up loan. We will spend it on the website and also on posting and packaging materials. A percentage of the money earnt by children each term will go to repaying this loan. A percentage will also go towards art materials. The rest, our profit, will be the children’s to spend as they choose.


All children will be able to post pieces of art on the new website. However, we need a small number of children from Years 5 and 6 to help manage the project. This will initially involve helping to design the website. After that, it will involve meeting with Berrin, after school every Monday, to check the website and package any sold items.


We hope to get the website up and running before Christmas. We will let you know as soon as it is ready. We sent a letter home about this initiative on Monday 14th November. Click here to see it. If you are a child in Years 5 or 6, you need the letter to apply to be part of our enterprise management team.