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Early Years (Nursery & Reception & Year 1)

Welcome to EYFS


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Our Learning

In EYFS we consider children's learning and development in seven areas:


The three 'Prime' areas underpin all other learning:

Personal, social and emotional development

Communication and language development

Physical development. 


The four 'Specific' areas build on skills and attitudes developed in these prime areas:



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design


Children reach out to relate to people and things through the Characteristics of Effective Learning, which move through all areas of learning. 

The 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' are:

Playing and exploring

Active learning

Creating and thinking critically

Our learning this term


During the Autumn term in Early Years we have a focus on settling in and getting to know one another. Our topic is 'All About Me', where we will talk about and discover about our families, backgrounds and special relationships. We will be using this opportunity to get to know your children's likes, dislikes and particular interests and base their learning around it. We will be thinking about similarities and differences between us and celebrating them.


In science we will be learning about our bodies and thinking about living things. In history we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and talking about the importance of hygiene and staying fit and healthy.



Library visits

We visit Central Library on Monday mornings on a three-week rota (see below).  You child will have a card that stays at the library and will be able to borrow a book when we visit, provided you have returned any previously borrowed books.  Books borrowed from the library are your responsibility and you will receive a reminder from the library if books are not returned.



We need additional adults to accompany us to the library so that we can walk there safely.  We leave school at 10am and arrive back by 11am.  If you can come with us, please let one of the adults in your child's class know.

Parents at school

  • Every Friday from 9.00-9.20am we hold a reading morning in our classes.  Please join us to read some favourite stories with your child and their friends.  Children love it when their parents stay!
  • We hold regular Inspire Mornings across the school.  These are an opportunity for you to find out more about your children's learning, to see your child in the learning environment with their peers, and gather some ideas to help support your child at home.  This year our Inspire mornings will focus on learning through play (Autumn Term), meaningful maths (Spring Term) and storytelling (Summer Term).  We also hold regular parent meetings to share important information with you, for example a phonics meeting in the Autumn Term and a meeting about the EYFS Profile in the Summer Term.
  • We need parents helpers to come with us on trips.  Each class goes to the library every third week (see the rota above) and we always need adults to come with us.  We also run trips to museums, galleries and places of interest.  We try to run a trip every term and always need parent helpers.  Some trips are very popular so, to be as fair as possible, we allocate places on a first come first served basis.  If you are keen to accompany your child and their classmates on a trip, please ensure that you submit your permission form promptly.