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If something is concerning you at school, the best initial thing to do is approach your child's teacher or Phase Leader. You are always welcome to set up a meeting with the Deputy or Headteacher as well. For information on how to contact us, go to our Contacts Page


We always aim to resolve any concerns you have in a prompt and constructive way. The sooner you tell us about a growing concern, the sooner we can start to try and solve it. We do ask parents who may have an issue with the behaviour of other children, not to go directly to the other child's parents, but to speak to us instead. Our experience of parents trying to resolve issues amongst themselves is that it often leads to misunderstandings and can make situations worse.


We also ask that all parents and visitors treat our staff with respect. We will always respect you. Anything less from us would be considered a disciplinary issue. We do not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of staff at Drayton Park. 


If you feel unhappy with our attempts to resolve your issues and you want to make a formal complaint, the first step is to email or write to the Chair of Governors. His email is on our Contacts Page. You can address a letter to him, place it in a sealed envelope and hand it into our school office. They will pass it straight to the Chair; it will not be opened by school staff.